Q.   Will I be entitled to travel expenses for my interview & Induction?

A.   Overnight Hotel accommodation will be arranged and you will be reimbursed the cost of a standard second class rail ticket if you live outside a 15 miles radius of BAE Systems Samlesbury.   

Q.   How long does an interview generally last?  

A.   The interview generally lasts an hour but whilst at Samlesbury you will also undertake a Company Medical to ensure you are Medically fit for employment in Saudi Arabia (KSA).   

Q.   Will I undertake any form of technical assessment?

A.   All aircraft technicians who apply for employment in Saudi Arabia have their applications assessed by BAE SYSTEMS Technical Academy.   They will make a recommendation to KSAR regarding suitability for employment. 



Q.   What is the duration of a Contract?

A.   The contracts for Saudi Arabia are for a minimum 2 years, thereafter they are open ended.   Many of our employees remain beyond the 2 year point and the average length of service is in excess of 5 years.  

Q.   Do I need a visa to live/work in Saudi Arabia?  

A.   Prior to travelling to Saudi Arabia the KSA Resourcing Team apply to the Saudi Arabian Embassy for a Work Visa to enable you to take up employment in Saudi Arabia. To support a visa application an employee must undertake a further medical assessment. The Saudi Embassy currently requires Chest X-Rays and an Aids test to be carried out to support a Work Visa application. The additional medicals will be carried out during the Induction process.    

Q.   Will I receive a Company Induction?

A.   On your first day of employment you will receive a Company Induction. The Company Induction normally lasts 2 days during which you will receive several briefings including Cultural Awareness and Security. You will also undertake further medical assessment to support your Saudi Arabian Work Visa application.  

Q.   How long after a training course end will it be before I am expected to arrive in the Saudi Arabia?

A.   It is expected that you will be ready to move to KSA within 48 hours of the completion of your training. However, this is dependent upon the availability of your KSA work visa.  



Q.   If I am successful and get a job with BAE Systems will my family be able to live with me in Saudi Arabia?  

A.   An offer of employment in Saudi Arabia is for unaccompanied service, however you can apply to join the Married Families Scheme at any time whilst you are in Saudi Arabia.  Details of the scheme are available at each base, but do not form part of your Conditions of Service.    

Q.   Can my children attend school in Saudi Arabia?

A.   Education for expatriate children is well established across Saudi Arabia.   For younger children the learning environment in Saudi Arabia could scarcely be better, with smaller class sizes in comparison to state schools around the world.    BAE SYSTEMS caters for education across all Key Stages and offers the option of Boarding School to families who are resident in Saudi Arabia under the auspices of the Married Families Scheme.   During the interview process you will be able to discuss the education of your children in more detail.  

Q.  What happens if I am taken ill in Saudi Arabia?  

A.  At each of our locations we have a medical centre offering a Primary Healthcare & Emergency service.  A Doctor is available during clinic hours and a Nurse led  triage service operates throughout the normal clinic hours.  Out of working hours an EMERGENCY service is available.  Prescriptive medication is dispensed at the medical centre pharmacy.  

Q.  What is "Saudisation"

A.   The attraction of Saudi Nationals into the workforce, the process of equipping them with workplace and management skills and the opening up of career opportunities for them are key elements of our commitment to the Customer and to the successful implementation of our “home market strategy”, under which we will be seen as a local company. This process, known as Saudisation, is focussed on the transfer of expertise to the Saudi people as much as it is the transfer of technology to Saudi industries. The support of all Company employees is sought to assist in this process and make it a success, as through successful Saudisation we will secure a long term future in KSA for our entire workforce.

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